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      Introduce yourself here! Please write your name, what level you’re studying, why you’re studying English, and one of your hobbies! Ask questions to other users who have posted introductions. 

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    • 7 月, 1 週前


    • 英語に関する質問


      Do you have questions about your English studies? In this forum, you can ask the community any questions you have, or help other students who have questions. Teaching others is a good way to learn!  

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    • 6 月, 2 週前


    • 旅行

      旅について話しましょう! ここでは、旅行の経験を共有したり、アドバイスを聞いたり、おすすめの街、観光スポット、レストランなどの情報交換をしましょう。国内旅行でも海外旅行でもOK!

      Let’s talk about travel! In this forum, we share our travel experiences, ask for travel advice, and give travel recommendations. Local or international travel are both OK! 

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    • 10 月前


    • 映画や番組


      Let’s talk about movies and shows! Here, you can ask the community for movie movie or show recommendations and share your opinions! There are so many movies and shows to discuss, so please join!

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    • 7 月, 1 週前


    • 英語能力試験

      英検、TOEIC、IELTS、TOEFLなどの英語能力試験について、おすすめの勉強法や受験のコツ、過去の経験などを共有して、お互いに助け合いましょう 。

      Do you have questions about the TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL, or some other language certification test? Here, you can ask the community for study recommendations or test-taking tips, help other students, and share your experiences of taking these tests. Let’s help each other out! 

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1を表示中 - 5件中の5件